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Genealogy of the village of Kukkus, Russia
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Schilling, Saratov, Russia


Latitude: 51.5323000, Longitude: 46.0159907


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elisabeth, Katharina  1856Schilling, Saratov, Russia I12057
2 Felsing, Anna Katharina  1844Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11723
3 Felsing, August Teophil  21 Apr 1868Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11728
4 Felsing, Christina Barbara  1833Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11725
5 Felsing, Elisabeth Katharina  1841Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11722
6 Felsing, Eva katharina  1838Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11721
7 Felsing, Georg  1835Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11726
8 Felsing, Georg Konrad  1811Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11716
9 Felsing, Jacob  1836Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11720
10 Felsing, Johann Heinrich  1833Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11719
11 Felsing, Johann Michael  1806Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11715
12 Felsing, Johann Philipp  1829Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11717
13 Felsing, Johannes  1850Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11724
14 Felsing, John  9 Jun 1887Schilling, Saratov, Russia I12182
15 Felsing, Katharina Elisabeth  1827Schilling, Saratov, Russia I12054
16 Felsing, Konrad  1838Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11727
17 Felsing, Maria Katharina  1831Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11718
18 Filbert, Anna Maria  13 Nov 1875Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11729
19 Geisner, Anna Elisabeth  1789Schilling, Saratov, Russia I10609
20 Geisner, Johann Friedrich  1782Schilling, Saratov, Russia I10606
21 Geisner, Johann Georg  1784Schilling, Saratov, Russia I10607
22 Geisner, Johann Heinrich  1794Schilling, Saratov, Russia I10608
23 Geisner, Margaretha  1779Schilling, Saratov, Russia I2069
24 Jacob, Elizabeth  1897Schilling, Saratov, Russia I7421
25 Kaufmann-Kaufman, Johann Martin  25 Aug 1890Schilling, Saratov, Russia I15870
26 Kroll, Elisabeth Katharina  1831Schilling, Saratov, Russia I8884
27 Luft, Katharina Veronika  1796Schilling, Saratov, Russia I3317
28 Lust, Alexander  13 Sep 1898Schilling, Saratov, Russia I15813
29 Mende, Johan Ambrosius  1777Schilling, Saratov, Russia I3084
30 Mende, Johann Michael  1780Schilling, Saratov, Russia I12435
31 Rube, Katharina Barbara  1821Schilling, Saratov, Russia I5187
32 Schreiber, Katharina Margaretha  1795Schilling, Saratov, Russia I10915


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Busick, Johann Georg  Abt 1792Schilling, Saratov, Russia I3035
2 Felsing, Jakob  1829Schilling, Saratov, Russia I2903
3 Felsing, Johannes  1851Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11724


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Bolinger, Anna Maria  1792Schilling, Saratov, Russia I3069
2 Schaefer, Johann Georg  1790Schilling, Saratov, Russia I3344
3 Schneider, Anna Maria  1790Schilling, Saratov, Russia I2953
4 Schreiber, Konrad  Bef 1790Schilling, Saratov, Russia I3049
5 Schweitzer, Philipina Katharina  1794Schilling, Saratov, Russia I3074
6 Weber, Maria Katharina  1796Schilling, Saratov, Russia I3083


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barbara, Eva  1857Schilling, Saratov, Russia I12055
2 Bell, Konrad  1775Schilling, Saratov, Russia I3824
3 Felsing, Anna Katharina  1857Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11723
4 Felsing, Elisabeth Katharina  1857Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11722
5 Felsing, Eva katharina  1857Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11721
6 Felsing, Georg  1857Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11726
7 Felsing, Georg Konrad  1834Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11716
8 Felsing, Georg Konrad  1857Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11716
9 Felsing, Jacob  1857Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11720
10 Felsing, Jakob  1798Schilling, Saratov, Russia I2903
11 Felsing, Johann Heinrich  1834Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11719
12 Felsing, Johann Heinrich  1857Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11719
13 Felsing, Johann Michael  1834Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11715
14 Felsing, Johann Michael  1857Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11715
15 Felsing, Johann Philipp  1834Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11717
16 Felsing, Johann Philipp  1857Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11717
17 Felsing, Johannes  1857Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11724
18 Felsing, Katharina Elisabeth  1834Schilling, Saratov, Russia I12054
19 Felsing, Konrad  1857Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11727
20 Felsing, Maria Katharina  1834Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11718
21 Felsing, Maria Katharina  1857Schilling, Saratov, Russia I11718
22 Geisner, Anna Elisabeth  1798Schilling, Saratov, Russia I10609
23 Geisner, Johann Friedrich  1798Schilling, Saratov, Russia I10606
24 Geisner, Johann Georg  1798Schilling, Saratov, Russia I10607
25 Geisner, Johann Heinrich  1798Schilling, Saratov, Russia I10608
26 Geisner, Jost Burkhardt  1775Schilling, Saratov, Russia I3102
27 Geisner, Jost Burkhardt  1798Schilling, Saratov, Russia I3102
28 Herdt, Elizabeta  1775Schilling, Saratov, Russia I12434
29 Katharina, Susanna  1857Schilling, Saratov, Russia I12056
30 Lochmond, Maria Elisabetha  1798Schilling, Saratov, Russia I15921
31 Mende, Georg  1775Schilling, Saratov, Russia I12433
32 Mueller{Miller}, Johannes  1798Schilling, Saratov, Russia I15919
33 Schaefer, Johann Georg  1798Schilling, Saratov, Russia I3344
34 Schweitzer, Philipina Katharina  1798Schilling, Saratov, Russia I3074
35 Unknown, Christina Elizabeth  1834Schilling, Saratov, Russia I12053
36 Unknown, Christina Elizabeth  1857Schilling, Saratov, Russia I12053
37 Volk, Maria Elizabeta  1798Schilling, Saratov, Russia I10605


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Felsing / Schultz  28 Apr 1912Schilling, Saratov, Russia F3669
2 Gramlich / Bolinger  1792Schilling, Saratov, Russia F844
3 Mende / Weber  1796Schilling, Saratov, Russia F853
4 Schreiber / Schneider  1790Schilling, Saratov, Russia F835
5 Schreiber / Schweitzer  1794Schilling, Saratov, Russia F846