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Michigan, USA


Latitude: 44.5917, Longitude: -85.025


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Robert Lynn  1934Michigan, USA I13129
2 Abell, John  1870Michigan, USA I2767
3 Addams, Tina  Oct 1873Michigan, USA I12553
4 Ahrens, Lula A  Abt 1894Michigan, USA I2632
5 Allen, Carleton  1890Michigan, USA I5460
6 Allen, Florence  1834Michigan, USA I2664
7 Allen, Hollis  1914Michigan, USA I5012
8 Alles, Clifton C.  1886Michigan, USA I11478
9 Auten, Clyde H  Jul 1896Michigan, USA I5270
10 Auten, Frank  Nov 1891Michigan, USA I5351
11 Auten, Glenn  Jun 1897Michigan, USA I5221
12 Auten, Grover  Nov 1889Michigan, USA I5154
13 Auten, John B  Jul 1888Michigan, USA I5421
14 Auten, Leslie  Aug 1895Michigan, USA I5014
15 Auten, Mary H  Oct 1893Michigan, USA I5371
16 Auten, Ralph J  Aug 1886Michigan, USA I4724
17 Auten, Richard B  1 Nov 1843Michigan, USA I2559
18 Auten, Unknown  Feb 1900Michigan, USA I4746
19 Baldwin, Bruce Earl  1929Michigan, USA I15309
20 Baldwin, Clarence  Mar 1900Michigan, USA I15306
21 Baldwin, Glen  May 1884Michigan, USA I15307
22 Barbery, Harold  1894Michigan, USA I2627
23 Beamish, Dale D  Jun 1893Michigan, USA I5093
24 Beamish, Harry E  Sep 1898Michigan, USA I4742
25 Beardsley, Amaza  1859Michigan, USA I5226
26 Beardsley, Edgar F  1869Michigan, USA I2809
27 Beardsley, Frank Orlando  11 Jan 1916Michigan, USA I2675
28 Beardsley, George F  1855Michigan, USA I5353
29 Beardsley, Harry Z  11 Oct 1906Michigan, USA I5324
30 Beardsley, Ida May  9 Nov 1910Michigan, USA I2566
31 Beardsley, Lloyd E  1913Michigan, USA I2572
32 Beardsley, Mary D  1853Michigan, USA I5202
33 Beardsley, Stanley Earl  11 Jul 1908Michigan, USA I2699
34 Bedell, Thomas G  1885Michigan, USA I4639
35 Berry, Osborn H  1897Michigan, USA I2522
36 Bessinger, Catherina  Abt 1905Michigan, USA I4759
37 Bessinger, Danial  Abt 1911Michigan, USA I4747
38 Bessinger, Edward  Abt 1914Michigan, USA I5156
39 Bessinger, Georg  Abt 1909Michigan, USA I5110
40 Bessinger, Henry  Abt 1908Michigan, USA I5308
41 Bessinger, Lida  Abt 1906Michigan, USA I5213
42 Bills, Elias  20 Dec 1854Michigan, USA I2637
43 Bills, Julian  1867Michigan, USA I5385
44 Bills, Marshall  1873Michigan, USA I5050
45 Bills, Roy  Jul 1885Michigan, USA I2743
46 Bills, Warren E  1844Michigan, USA I4851
47 Bliesener, Frank D  Abt 1870Michigan, USA I4941
48 Bliesner, Edith  Abt 1912Michigan, USA I5210
49 Blissner, Charles  Abt 1909Michigan, USA I4884
50 Blissner, Corrine  Abt 1906Michigan, USA I5323
51 Blissner, Edwin  Abt 1910Michigan, USA I5584
52 Blissner, Virginia  Abt 1912Michigan, USA I4690
53 Blissner, William  Abt 1907Michigan, USA I4943
54 Bolser, John Franklin  20 Jul 1900Michigan, USA I10705
55 Boughey, Sandra M  1937Michigan, USA I14159
56 Bowen, Alice  1855Michigan, USA I5692
57 Bowen, Elizabeth  1849Michigan, USA I5659
58 Bowen, Mary  1859Michigan, USA I5695
59 Bowen, Winfield  1852Michigan, USA I6717
60 Bowman, Alfred Fred Halley  Sep 1889Michigan, USA I12551
61 Bowman, Alice E  Aug 1899Michigan, USA I15321
62 Bowman, Dan  Nov 1891Michigan, USA I12552
63 Bowman, Edith  Feb 1886Michigan, USA I12549
64 Bowman, Florance  Dec 1884Michigan, USA I12548
65 Bowman, Florence E  Sep 1898Michigan, USA I15320
66 Bowman, Gladys A  May 1895Michigan, USA I15319
67 Bowman, Jessie J  1910Michigan, USA I15325
68 Bowman, John  Feb 1887Michigan, USA I12550
69 Bowman, Leslie V  1902Michigan, USA I15322
70 Bowman, Mary E  Nov 1888Michigan, USA I15318
71 Bowman, Nellie I  1906Michigan, USA I15323
72 Bowman, Robert M  1908Michigan, USA I15324
73 Bowyer, Charles  Abt 1873Michigan, USA I5525
74 Bowyer, Fred  1884Michigan, USA I5341
75 Bowyer, Minnie E  Abt 1877Michigan, USA I4805
76 Bowyer, Rosamond  1880Michigan, USA I5535
77 Brittain, Emma  Bef 1884Michigan, USA I16658
78 Brockmiller, Elsie  1905Michigan, USA I3834
79 Brown, Jennie M  15 Jul 1894Michigan, USA I2656
80 Buchanan, Charles R  1876Michigan, USA I13973
81 Bunch, Gerald E  18 Nov 1941Michigan, USA I16006
82 Burch, Burtress Amelia  1911Michigan, USA I10762
83 Campbell, Almira B  Abt 1899Michigan, USA I5470
84 Campbell, Amanda  Jan 1876Michigan, USA I6046
85 Campbell, Edward  Mar 1859Michigan, USA I5350
86 Campbell, Fannie L  Abt 1906Michigan, USA I4959
87 Campbell, Gladys  1907Michigan, USA I5783
88 Campbell, Horatio  1894Michigan, USA I4843
89 Campbell, Leola  Abt 1906Michigan, USA I5510
90 Campbell, Pearl  1910Michigan, USA I5083
91 Carpenter, Delietha  1879Michigan, USA I12374
92 Carter, Maud  Nov 1882Michigan, USA I15490
93 Case, Charles R  1894Michigan, USA I2663
94 Clickner, Frankie  Mar 1884Michigan, USA I15973
95 Clickner, Franklin A  Nov 1856Michigan, USA I15972
96 Clickner, Jorie  Nov 1888Michigan, USA I15974
97 Clickner, Wells  Aug 1892Michigan, USA I15975
98 Coan, Burnice  Oct 1897Michigan, USA I12376
99 Coan, Max D  1907Michigan, USA I12378
100 Coan, No Name  May 1900Michigan, USA I12377

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Florence  1 Oct 1919Michigan, USA I2664
2 Campbell, Margaret J  10 Mar 1906Michigan, USA I4837
3 Cullip, Louise  1960Michigan, USA I5416
4 Dean, William  9 Dec 1943Michigan, USA I2825
5 Decker, Ruth Betty  12 Oct 2015Michigan, USA I10067
6 Dedrick, Reggie  21 Jul 1997Michigan, USA I6076
7 Frana, Anna  3 Dec 1954Michigan, USA I5061
8 Frana, Joseph  6 Jul 1935Michigan, USA I4761
9 Heinrich, Rosamond  18 Nov 2007Michigan, USA I4141
10 Johannes, Heinrich  Mar 1974Michigan, USA I3092
11 Johannes, Johann Philipp  Jul 1985Michigan, USA I3156
12 Ke Ba O Sa Qua  Michigan, USA I2731
13 Magee (Udell), Fannie Mae  9 May 2017Michigan, USA I12042
14 Maser, Catherine  Michigan, USA I3301
15 Merrill, William Greenleaf  8 Jan 1863Michigan, USA I2701
16 Pangborn, Velma M  11 Dec 1985Michigan, USA I5123
17 Pendred, Charles Henry  29 Aug 1957Michigan, USA I5194
18 Phelps, Lavona  13 Feb 1864Michigan, USA I2598
19 Rericha, Elanora  12 Dec 1898Michigan, USA I5475
20 Richmond, Ethel  12 Nov 1997Michigan, USA I4413
21 Shalda, Anna  3 Jan 1929Michigan, USA I5215
22 Shawl, Philip Arthur  2 Mar 2005Michigan, USA I5029
23 Shultz, Charles Albert  Between 28 Jul 1865 and 28 May 1866Michigan, USA I6092
24 Snear, James Henry  7 Jul 2023Michigan, USA I16012
25 Willard, Charlotte Agnes  18 Jul 1946Michigan, USA I4818


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alles, Regina Sylvesta  1912Michigan, USA I11479
2 Alles, Regina Sylvesta  1913Michigan, USA I11479
3 Anderson, Ethel  1892Michigan, USA I4827
4 Anderson, Ethel  1893Michigan, USA I4827
5 Anderson, Ethel  1893Michigan, USA I4827
6 Andress, Mary E  1909Michigan, USA I16170
7 Andress, Mary E  1909Michigan, USA I16170
8 Auten, Edgar N  Oct 1868Michigan, USA I5343
9 Auten, Edgar N  1869Michigan, USA I5343
10 Auten, James E  1863Michigan, USA I5492
11 Auten, James E  1863Michigan, USA I5492
12 Auten, James E  Jan 1863Michigan, USA I5492
13 Auten, Judson  1868Michigan, USA I2681
14 Auten, Judson  1868Michigan, USA I2681
15 Auten, Newton  1859Michigan, USA I2689
16 Auten, Newton  1859Michigan, USA I2689
17 Ayers, Nina May  1871Michigan, USA I5170
18 Ayers, Nina May  1871Michigan, USA I5170
19 Ballance, Demain Stuart  1914Michigan, USA I2716
20 Ballance, Fred Herbert  1896Michigan, USA I5705
21 Ballance, George Pearl  1901Michigan, USA I5159
22 Ballance, Orville  1919Michigan, USA I4605
23 Ballance, Orville  1920Michigan, USA I4605
24 Ballance, William Joseph  1890Michigan, USA I4799
25 Ballance, William Joseph  Dec 1890Michigan, USA I4799
26 Ballance, William Joseph  1892Michigan, USA I4799
27 Bates, Marlin Clark  1880Michigan, USA I5472
28 Beamish, Beulah Mae  1907Michigan, USA I5412
29 Beamish, Edwin  1868Michigan, USA I4740
30 Beamish, Edwin  1868Michigan, USA I4740
31 Beardsley, Harry Z  1907Michigan, USA I5324
32 Beardsley, Lemuel  1856Michigan, USA I2851
33 Beardsley, Opal Myrtle  1915Michigan, USA I2670
34 Beardsley, Roy Lavern  1909Michigan, USA I5329
35 Beckwith, Edwin Earl  Nov 1883Michigan, USA I5062
36 Beckwith, Edwin Earl  1886Michigan, USA I5062
37 Bedell, Thomas G  Abt 1885Michigan, USA I4639
38 Berry, Osborn H  Abt 1897Michigan, USA I2522
39 Berry, Osborn H  Abt 1898Michigan, USA I2522
40 Bessinger, Elizabeth  Abt 1913Michigan, USA I4958
41 Bills, Eunice Rosina  1870Michigan, USA I5260
42 Bills, Warren E  1834Michigan, USA I4851
43 Bills, Warren E  May 1845Michigan, USA I4851
44 Bliesener, Frank D  Abt 1880Michigan, USA I4941
45 Bliesener, Frank D  Abt 1881Michigan, USA I4941
46 Blissner, Corrine  Abt 1907Michigan, USA I5323
47 Blissner, William  Abt 1908Michigan, USA I4943
48 Bowen, Elizabeth  1849Michigan, USA I5659
49 Bowen, Winfield  Abt 1854Michigan, USA I6717
50 Bowyer, Clara  1879Michigan, USA I2594
51 Bowyer, Florence  1891Michigan, USA I4789
52 Bowyer, Florence  Mar 1891Michigan, USA I4789
53 Bowyer, Fred  Aug 1883Michigan, USA I5341
54 Bowyer, Rosamond  Jul 1879Michigan, USA I5535
55 Buchanan, Charles R  1877Michigan, USA I13973
56 Buck, Julia Ann  Michigan, USA I15493
57 Buck, Julia Ann  1880Michigan, USA I15493
58 Campbell, Alexander  Abt 1872Michigan, USA I6565
59 Campbell, Alexander  Abt 1873Michigan, USA I6565
60 Campbell, Alexander  Abt 1874Michigan, USA I6565
61 Campbell, Alexander  1875Michigan, USA I6565
62 Campbell, Alexander  Abt 1875Michigan, USA I6565
63 Campbell, Edward  1860Michigan, USA I5350
64 Campbell, Frank  Abt 1911Michigan, USA I4822
65 Campbell, Fred M  Abt 1908Michigan, USA I5476
66 Campbell, Fred M  1908Michigan, USA I5476
67 Campbell, Fred M  Abt 1908Michigan, USA I5476
68 Campbell, Gladys  1906Michigan, USA I5783
69 Campbell, Harriet  31 Dec 1851Michigan, USA I6764
70 Campbell, Harriet  Dec 1852Michigan, USA I6764
71 Campbell, Ira Myron  Abt 1878Michigan, USA I2738
72 Campbell, Ira W  Abt 1853Michigan, USA I4956
73 Campbell, Ira W  1857Michigan, USA I4956
74 Campbell, Ira W  1858Michigan, USA I4956
75 Campbell, Leola  1906Michigan, USA I5510
76 Campbell, Major  Abt 1866Michigan, USA I6646
77 Campbell, Major  Abt 1867Michigan, USA I6646
78 Campbell, Major  Abt 1870Michigan, USA I6646
79 Campbell, Minnie  Abt 1913Michigan, USA I5109
80 Campbell, Pearl  1909Michigan, USA I5083
81 Cheney, Donald Gene  1923Michigan, USA I3485
82 Cheney, Jay Cleon  1905Michigan, USA I2801
83 Cole, Claudius Claude  1878Michigan, USA I11782
84 Commins, Charles  Abt 1872Michigan, USA I2527
85 Davenport, Ralph Bridgeman  1908Michigan, USA I6888
86 Davenport, Walter Grant  4 Feb 1865Michigan, USA I6569
87 Debats, Charles John  Abt 1883Michigan, USA I5111
88 Debats, Charles John  Abt 1883Michigan, USA I5111
89 Debats, Charles John  Abt 1883Michigan, USA I5111
90 Debats, Charles John  Abt 1883Michigan, USA I5111
91 Debats, Charles John  Abt 1884Michigan, USA I5111
92 Debats, Gertrude  Abt 1896Michigan, USA I6548
93 Debats, Gertrude  Abt 1896Michigan, USA I6548
94 Debats, Martin  Abt 1887Michigan, USA I6151
95 Debats, Martin  Abt 1888Michigan, USA I6151
96 Deford, Joseph  Abt 1887Michigan, USA I2547
97 Deford, Joseph  Abt 1887Michigan, USA I2547
98 Degroat, Bessie  Michigan, USA I17278
99 DeGroat, John  1874Michigan, USA I6663
100 DeGroat, John  1874Michigan, USA I6663

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 Davenport, Ralph Bridgeman  Michigan, USA I6888
2 Dedrick, Reggie  Michigan, USA I6076
3 Duehring, Dennis Lee  Michigan, USA I6452
4 Hagadone, Ethel M  Michigan, USA I6739
5 Shalda, Joseph  1 Jan 1859Michigan, USA I4866
6 Shalda, Joseph  25 Jan 1871Michigan, USA I4866
7 Van Kirk, Kenneth John  Michigan, USA I6995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Andress, Mary E  1968Michigan, USA I16170
2 Baum, Katherine Margaretha  Michigan, USA I6162
3 Baum, Katherine Margaretha  1928Michigan, USA I6162
4 Bigelow, Sarah  Michigan, USA I3175
5 Bolser-Davis, Patricia Ann  1951Michigan, USA I10709
6 Burritt, William  Michigan, USA I11498
7 Cartwright, Donald Calvin  1951Michigan, USA I13555
8 Daniels, Bonnie Marie  1968Michigan, USA I4489
9 De Groat, Elias  1951Michigan, USA I12750
10 Degroat, Albert Edward  1951Michigan, USA I11760
11 Dunham, Mildred L  1957Michigan, USA I5429
12 Ferrier, Fanny Doris  1951Michigan, USA I10052
13 Ferrier, Florence M  1951Michigan, USA I13354
14 Ferrier, Fred Ferris  1951Michigan, USA I10050
15 Ferrier, Russell  1951Michigan, USA I11194
16 Fisk, Hannibal Leander  1951Michigan, USA I9464
17 Harrington, Charles Allen  1966Michigan, USA I10937
18 Hutchinson, Louis A  1951Michigan, USA I11201
19 Irish, Ellen  1954Michigan, USA I5157
20 Irish, Fredrick  1951Michigan, USA I5018
21 Irish, Joseph Merwin  Michigan, USA I5394
22 Kader, Verla  1951Michigan, USA I11331
23 Lee, Floyd Douglas  1951Michigan, USA I11164
24 Lindow, Donald August  1951Michigan, USA I10251
25 Little, Doris  1951Michigan, USA I14330
26 Maser, Marie Margaret  Michigan, USA I6752
27 Maxfield, Hiram  1837Michigan, USA I5235
28 Maxfield, Varnis  1837Michigan, USA I5478
29 McLaughlin, Elizabeth  1923Michigan, USA I6599
30 McMullen, Harland  1951Michigan, USA I13319
31 Myers, Rodney David  1952Michigan, USA I13426
32 Phelps, Maurice E  Michigan, USA I2603
33 Phelps, Nephi A  Michigan, USA I6884
34 Phillips, Guy Peabody  1951Michigan, USA I16654
35 Quirie, Wilfred  1951Michigan, USA I11402
36 Root, Jackson  1951Michigan, USA I15335
37 Schell, Grace  1951Michigan, USA I9888
38 Schell, Stewart V  1951Michigan, USA I16270
39 Schmidt, Felix Alanson  1951Michigan, USA I10653
40 Schuch, Wilhelmina  Michigan, USA I7037
41 Seeley, Florence  1951Michigan, USA I6591
42 Seeley, Fredrick  Michigan, USA I2698
43 Seeley, Mabel Fern  1943Michigan, USA I6424
44 Sever, Antoine  Between 1861 and 1865Michigan, USA I6743
45 Sibley, Lillian  Michigan, USA I6606
46 Size, Orlaf Merrit  1951Michigan, USA I10328
47 Tabor, Louis Whittemore  1880Michigan, USA I4775
48 Wilkinson, Forrest Max  1951Michigan, USA I15689

SSN issued

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN issued    Person ID 
1 Ballance, Beverly  Michigan, USA I5518
2 Ballance, Demain Stuart  Michigan, USA I2716
3 Ballance, Dewitt  Michigan, USA I2746
4 Ballance, Fred Herbert  Michigan, USA I5705
5 Ballance, George Pearl  Michigan, USA I5159
6 Ballance, Lawrence David  Michigan, USA I2741
7 Ballance, Stewart Ward  Michigan, USA I5333
8 Bates, Marlin Clark  Michigan, USA I5472
9 Beardsley, Harry Z  Michigan, USA I5324
10 Beardsley, Opal Myrtle  Michigan, USA I2670
11 Bebb, Viola  Michigan, USA I5158
12 Bedell, Thomas G  Michigan, USA I4639
13 Bentley, John Thomas  Michigan, USA I2688
14 Bentley, Michael Joseph  Michigan, USA I2694
15 Bentley, Patrick James  Michigan, USA I2655
16 Bowyer, George West  Michigan, USA I4831
17 Cheney, Cleon C  Michigan, USA I2577
18 Cheney, Jay Cleon  Michigan, USA I2801
19 Cheney, Lawrence Cleon  Michigan, USA I2728
20 Debats, Charles John  Michigan, USA I5111
21 Dittenber, Peter J  Michigan, USA I5669
22 Dunham, Arthur  Michigan, USA I4763
23 Felsing, Amalie  Michigan, USA I4696
24 Felsing, Anna  Michigan, USA I6081
25 Felsing, Ervin Philip  Michigan, USA I6212
26 Felsing, Frieda Margaret  Michigan, USA I6052
27 Felsing, Henry  Michigan, USA I5838
28 Felsing, Jeffrey  Michigan, USA I2583
29 Felsing, Johannes (John)  1967Michigan, USA I5840
30 Felsing, John Jr  Michigan, USA I5922
31 Frana, Elizabeth {Libby} Antonie  Michigan, USA I4864
32 Gant, Hazel  Michigan, USA I5100
33 Gillett, Ferris  Michigan, USA I2514
34 Gordon, Mary Jane  Michigan, USA I4631
35 Gordon, Melvin Dale  8 Oct 1951Michigan, USA I6356
36 Gordon, Onnalee Ruth  Michigan, USA I6519
37 Gordon, Riley  Michigan, USA I5408
38 Gordon, William Garrett  Michigan, USA I5272
39 Grefe, John Herman  Michigan, USA I6528
40 Heinrich, Johann Philipp  Michigan, USA I5915
41 Heinrich, Richard A  Michigan, USA I6079
42 Holsinger, Florence Gertrude  Michigan, USA I2617
43 Holsinger, Howard George  Michigan, USA I2589
44 Holsinger, Olive Ellen  Michigan, USA I2564
45 Hunt, Tressa  Michigan, USA I2732
46 Irish, Fredrick  Michigan, USA I5018
47 Johannes, Margaret  Michigan, USA I6056
48 Kile, Milton Thomas  Michigan, USA I2520
49 Kittle, Calvin Ellsworth  Michigan, USA I5005
50 Kittle, Dale  Michigan, USA I5622
51 Kittle, Elwin  Michigan, USA I5348
52 Kittle, Elwin G  Michigan, USA I5007
53 Kittle, Lloyd  Michigan, USA I5003
54 Lalonde, Frank  Michigan, USA I5447
55 Leosh, Alvin  Michigan, USA I4964
56 Lincoln, Ezra Erwin  Michigan, USA I5702
57 Manor, Florence Flossie  Michigan, USA I4693
58 Manor, Henry Albert  Michigan, USA I4990
59 Manor, Joseph  Michigan, USA I4904
60 Meisel, Katherine M  Michigan, USA I2847
61 Milmine, Pearl Gertrude  Michigan, USA I2672
62 Morris, Harry Anthony  Michigan, USA I4923
63 Osborne, Bertha Mary  Michigan, USA I5465
64 Osborne, Edgar  Michigan, USA I3845
65 Osborne, Edgar Wellington  Michigan, USA I2824
66 Osborne, Ellsworth Wesley  Michigan, USA I3814
67 Osborne, Norman Clare  Michigan, USA I6682
68 Osborne, Robert Roy  Michigan, USA I6085
69 Ostrander, Maude Alice  Michigan, USA I2622
70 Pendred, Amy Elizabeth  Michigan, USA I2810
71 Pendred, Archie  Michigan, USA I5663
72 Phelps, Earl  Michigan, USA I2611
73 Phelps, Edith S  Michigan, USA I4709
74 Phelps, Maud Lottie  Michigan, USA I5216
75 Phelps, Maurice E  Michigan, USA I2603
76 Potvin, Valerie  Michigan, USA I4949
77 Prieur, Louis George Sr  Michigan, USA I2846
78 Pringle, Rollo Sanford  Michigan, USA I6025
79 Pringle, Russell Randall  Michigan, USA I6579
80 Ralston, Clarence Burt  Michigan, USA I2726
81 Ralston, Hugh C  Michigan, USA I2749
82 Rappley, Glen E  Michigan, USA I5362
83 Rappley, Glen E  Michigan, USA I3850
84 Riegle, Donald Wayne Sr  Michigan, USA I6450
85 Rosebush, Robert Fred  Michigan, USA I2712
86 Savage, Bernice  Michigan, USA I2532
87 Schimmelpenny, Clarence  Michigan, USA I2660
88 Schimmelpenny, Velma Marie  Michigan, USA I2608
89 Schimmelpenny, Verna Mildred  Michigan, USA I2615
90 Schimmelpfennig, Amanda  Michigan, USA I4922
91 Schultz, William A  Michigan, USA I5295
92 Seeley, Clarence George  Michigan, USA I2642
93 Seeley, Harry Harold  Michigan, USA I5298
94 Shawl, Earl Henry  Michigan, USA I4882
95 Shawl, George E  Michigan, USA I4833
96 Shawl, Leonard  Michigan, USA I5345
97 Snear, Roy  Michigan, USA I4993
98 Snear, Ruth Ann  Michigan, USA I5916
99 Storrs, Kenneth F  Michigan, USA I2713
100 Taylor, Maurice Alan  Michigan, USA I2721

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID 
1 Sever, Antoine  Michigan, USA I6743
2 Sever, Antoine  31 Dec 1862Michigan, USA I6743
3 Shultz, Charles Albert  24 May 1861Michigan, USA I6092
4 St John, Joel  Michigan, USA I9430


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Baker / Dafoe  21 Jun 1917Michigan, USA F5604
2 Steeles / Schneider  9 Jul 1923Michigan, USA F2761


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Croff / De Groat  30 Sep 1920Michigan, USA F5597