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151 1834 census has her in the household of Franz Schneider b. 1786 as a stepdaughter. Wagner, Katharina Elisabeth (I5043)
152 1834 census in household of Johann Konrad Becker as a nephew. His father would have to be one of the two brothers Johann David or Andreas, who both died before 1816.

Johann David Becker, born about 1772, died before 1816
Andreas Becker, born about 1781, died before 1816
Becker, Christian (I3602)
153 1834 census is most likely a different wife. Becker, Katharina Elisabeth (I807)
154 1834 census lists her as a step daughter to Johann Nicolaus Filbert b. 1806 Isheim, Susanna (I3850)
155 1834 census lists her as a step daughter to Johann Nicolaus Filbert b. 1806 Isheim, Anna Barbara (I3851)
156 1834 census says deceased Kries, Katharina Sophia (I3813)
157 1834 census seems to have dau born 1827 when he died 1825. But those are the dates given in 1834. Kuhn, Christian (I2016)
158 1834 census seems to have her born 1827 when her father died 1825. One or both of the dates may be slightly off. Kuhn, Elisabeth Katharina (I3798)
159 1834 census seems to have him born in 1827 when his father died in 1825. Becker, Georg (I3805)
160 1834 census seems to have son born in 1827 when he died in 1825. One or both of the dates may be a little off. Becker, Johann Georg (I3252)
161 1834 Kukkus Census has her as a daughter-in-law to Johann Martin Kisselman (b. 1773-74). The death certificate of her daughter, Elisabeth, in AuGres, Michigan shows parents of Godfred Keselman and Louisa Schwangel, both of Russia. The 1834 census has Katharina Louisa living in HH#17 while Konrad Schengel is living in HH#18. Konrad is probably her grandfather. He would have been 62 when she was born. Probably his son, Johann Heinrich is the father. He was having children in that time period. There is also a Katharina Louisa Schengel born 1816, who is definately a different person. So there is more than one Schengel family having children in that time period.
Schengel, Katharina Louisa (I3282)
162 1834 Kukkus census shows him as a son-in-law to Heinrich Eurich (b.19 Feb 1747), apparently widowed from an unknown daughter. Fuchs, Christoph (I2247)
163 1850 census for Gottfried Kisselman and the entire household #30 is obscured and cannot be read. Kisselman, Gottfried (I3283)
164 1850 census indicated that he died since the 1834 census. No date was given. Schaefer, Georg Adam (I3569)
165 1850 census one month old Herzog, Johann Heinrich (I9523)
166 1850 census says "absent since 1842" Krumm, Leonhardt (I10913)
167 1850 census says born 1848, but 1857 census says 1850 entry was 1841. Schneider, Johann Friedrich (I4988)
168 1850 census states that he is the nephew of Wilhelm Anton, not a son, through an unknown brother. Heinrich, Johann Georg (I958)
169 1850 HH107 is obscured, other than name of Christian Weber Weber, Johann Christian (I2160)
170 1857 census does show her maiden name as Krumm. Krumm, Anna Margaretha (I5274)
171 1886 family list note says "shot himself" Hergenroeder, Ferdinand (I4028)
172 1886 family list says birth name Hergenroeder. Hergenroeder, Anna Barbara (I4032)
173 1886 Family list seems to be messed on this person. Has him dying in 1887, but marrying for the 2nd time in 1902. Something is obviously wrong. The children would have to go to the first wife. Busick, Johann Jackob (I4441)
174 1886 family lists uses the surname of Schneider-person #1763 Schengel, Elisabeth (I1990)
175 1886 Kukkus Familu List leaves us uncertain if this son is in the right family. Freehling, Heinrich (I14452)
176 1886 Kukkus Family List appears to show Gottfried as a son of Johannes Georg Wick who died in 1893. That cannot be correct. He is also listed as a nephew of Johann Georg Wick, so I have listed Gottfried as a child of an unknown brother of Johann Georg. Wick, Gottfried (I14592)
177 1886 Kukkus Family List clearly shows here as his daughter. Listed as illegitimate. Probably an illegitimate dau of the widow. Debus, Maria (I4240)
178 1886 Kukkus Family List has Heinrich as the 'Son of Heinrich', however the 1850,1857 and 1834 census show him as the son of Konrad. Also we have no record of a Heinrich Kukkus of an appropriate age to be his father. Kukkus, Johann Heinrich (I3464)
179 1886 Kukkus Family List has this person as a step son of Johan Peter. Reitz, Johannes (I478)
180 1886 Kukkus Family List Note-In the Colony Friedental with his Family Engelmann, Johann David (I14993)
181 1886 Kukkus Family List shows he was born when his father was 2. An obvious error. Since his father married in 1906, let's just say he was married in 1907, to make it close. Rosenthal, Johann Georg (I14123)
182 1886 Kukkus Family List shows he was born when his father was 2. Either one of the ages is totally incorrect, or he is the son of another person. Rosenthal, Heinrich (I14121)
183 1886 Kukkus Family List states she remarried in 1895. No other info given. Lehmann, Anna Katharina (I292)
184 1886 Kukkus Family List states that his step-father is Johann Gottfried Becker (b. 23 Nov1836). I am uncertain as to how that relationship exists. Becker, Johann Georg (I14535)
185 18?4 on the record Becker, Johann Philipp (I5229)
186 18?? Rosenthal, Johannes (I3489)
187 1970's-1980's Felsing, Katharina (I5744)
188 1st husband Family F343
189 1st wife Family F3
190 1st wife Family F225
191 1st wife Family F228
192 1st wife Family F233
193 1st wife Family F373
194 1st wife Family F375
195 1st wife Family F393
196 1st wife Family F416
197 1st wife Family F421
198 1st wife Family F479
199 1st wife Family F943
200 1st wife Family F2971

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