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1651 We have a contradiction here. As per the 1798 Kukkus census, 3 yr old Barbara was the child of a deceased wife, not of the current wife. As per the 1798 Laub movement chart Maria Magdalena Friedrich of Laub married August Klemm of Kukkus in 1793. Obviously, one of the records is incorrect. Was Barbara older than 3, is the marriage date wrong or is the 'child of deceased wife' note incorrect?

1798 census notes she is from Laub 
Friedrich, Maria Magdalena (I2153)
1652 We have a contradiction here. As per the 1798 Kukkus census, 3 yr old Barbara was the child of a deceased wife, not of the current wife. As per the 1798 Laub movement chart Maria Magdalena Friedrich of Laub married August Klemm of Kukkus in 1793. Obviously, one of the records is incorrect. Was Barbara older than 3, is the marriage date wrong or is the 'child of deceased wife' note incorrect?
Klemm, Barbara (I2157)
1653 We only know this person by name through a note in the 1798 census as the deceased father of Johann Georg. Based on the date of birth of Johann Georg, 1784, his father had to be born prior to 1767, thus he had to be listed on the 1767 census. There were two Felsing(er) familes on the 1767 census and each has one possible match to Johannes. Johann Georg Felsinger born 1761, appears on the 1798 Krasnoyar census as the deceased father of Konrad Felsinger born 1784. Johann Konrad Felsing born 1759, appears on the 1767 Paulskaya census, but appears nowhere in 1798.

Johannes was the deceased husband of the deceased first wife of Johann Peter Debus according to the note on the entry for his son Johann Georg (who was living in the household of Johann Peter Debus) in the 1798 census. Johann Peter Debus had a son with his second wife in 1791, which means that his first wife died before 1791. His first wife only married Johann Peter after her first husband Johannes had died, therefore Johannes had to die before 1791, most likely a few years before. As his son was born 1784, his death date had to be between 1784 and 1791. 
Felsing, Johannes (I1407)
1654 We strongly suspect that Maria Barbara is the daughter of Johannes and Philipina Hergenroeder of Kukkus based on the following facts:

1) The Philipina Hergenroeder household is the only other Hergenroeder Family in Kukkus in 1798.

2) The 1798 census does list the village a spouse came from if not from the current village. The 1798 Kukkus Census does not list Maria Barbara as being from another colony, so it is presumed that she was born in Kukkus. Which implies she could only be the daughter of Johannes as this is the only Hergenroeder family in Kukkus.

3) Johannes was having childen that we know of from 1769 to 1793. There is a 9 year gap from 1772 to 1783 where no children are known. It is possible that Maria Barbara was born in this gap in 1775.

Records from this time and place are simply incomplete. But based on what we know, it is most likely that Maria Barbara is the daughter of Johannes Hergenroeder. Perhaps eventually we will find records to confirm or to dispute that, but for now I am listing Maria Barbara in the genealogy under Johannes Hergenroeder. 
Hergenroeder, Maria Barbara (I778)
1655 We strongly suspect that Maria Elisabeth is the daughter of Johann Martin Kisselman and Anna Barbara Maser based on the following facts:

1) The Johann Martin household is the only other Kisselman Family in Kukkus in 1834.

2) The 1798 census shows only 4 other Kisselman households in the Volga German colonies. Mathias (Johann Martin's brother) in the nearby village of Anton. Mathias (Johann Martin's father in the nearby village of Balzer. Ludwig (No known relation) in the more distant village of Donhof. And Johannes (no known relation) in the more distant village of Grimm.It is certainly possible that Maria Elisabeth came from one of the households in Anton or Balzer. It is much less likely that she came from the more distant villages of Donhof or Grimm. I know of no Kukkus intermarriages from those last two villages.

3) Johann Martin lives within 2 households from the Felsings, according to the 1834, 1850 and 1857 census records.

4) Johann Martin was having children from 1796 to at least 1812 that we know of. It is possible then that he had a child in 1814.

Records from this time and place are simply incomplete. But based on what we know, it is most likely that Maria Elisabeth is the daughter of Johann Martin. Perhaps eventually we will find records to confirm or to dispute that, but for now I am listing Maria Elisabeth in the genealogy under Johann Martin Kisselman. 
Kisselman, Maria Elisabeth (I1435)
1656 We strongly suspect that The Anna Margaretha Heinrich born 1822 and showing on the Kukkus 1834 census as the daughter of Wilhelm Anton Heinrich is the same person as the Anna Margaretha Heinrich born 1822 and showing on the Kukkus 1850 census as spouse of Johann Heinrich Krumm and also the same person as the Anna Margaretha Heinrich born 1822 and showing on the 1857 Kukkus census as the wife of Konrad Maser based on the following facts:

1) Joahnn Heinrich Krumm died 1849 and his widow Anna Margaretha is living in 1850 in household 87 with two Krumm children, Johannes and Christina.Konrad Maser, a widower, is living in HH 90. All of this per the 1850 Kukkus census.

2) In 1857 the Krumm children, Johannes and Christina are living in what was household 87 (called HH 100 in 1857) alone, aged 14 and 12. Anna Margaretha is living three Households away in HH 103 with Konrad Maser. In 1850, Konrad Maser lived in HH 90 as a widower. In 1857 HH 90 is relabeled as HH 103. In 1850 the widow and widower are living 3 households apart. In 1857 the children are still in the same Krumm household, but Anna has moved in with the widower in the Maser household.

3) The continuity of the same name, same birth year and same village on 3 consecutive censuses in Kukkus, 1834, 1850 and 1857 strongly suggests that all 3 entries refer to the same person.

Records from this time and place are simply incomplete. But based on what we know, it is most likely that Anna Margaretha is the daughter of Wilhelm Anton. Perhaps eventually we will find records to confirm or to dispute that, but for now I am listing Anna Margaretha in the genealogy under Wilhelm Anton Heinrich. 
Heinrich, Anna Margaretha (I3149)
1657 We strongly suspect that The Anna Margaretha Kukkus born 1800 is the daughter of Johann Philip Kukkus based on the following facts:

1) On the 1798 census their was only one Kukkus surnamed family in the Volga colonies. That was Johann Philip Kukkus of the village of Kukkus. That is the only family she could have come out of.

2) However, within that family, Johann Philip did have some teenage sons. Konrad age 19 in 1800 and Johannes age 16 in 1800. It is possible that one of them could have been the father. Then Johann Philip would be the grandfather.

But with that possibility in mind, i think that it is more likely that Anna Margaretha was the daughter of Johann Philip.

Records from this time and place are simply incomplete. But based on what we know, it is most likely that Anna Margaretha is the daughter of Johann Philip. Perhaps eventually we will find records to confirm or to dispute that, but for now I am listing Anna Margaretha in the genealogy under Johann Philip Kukkus. 
Kukkus, Anna Margaretha (I2473)
1658 Website of news article of accident: "Two Natrona County residents die in Platte County head-on collision"

"Two Natrona County Residents Die in Platte County Head-On Collision"
December 10, 2013 8:00 am • By PATRICK SIMONAITIS Casper Star-Tribune

A head-on collision killed two Natrona County residents Saturday evening on U.S. Highway 26 in Platte County.

A pickup truck driven by Brandi N. Taylor, 31, of Casper drifted across the center line and collided with a Freightliner truck driven by Gary Johnson, 62, of Evansville, according to the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Both drivers died at the scene of the accident, which occurred 12 miles north of Wheatland. Neither vehicle was carrying passengers.

Johnson was transporting nearly 8,000 gallons of ethanol for the Sinclair Trucking Company.

The patrol didn't know why Taylor's 1998 Ford 1500 crossed into oncoming traffic. Johnson steered into the emergency lane in an attempt to avoid the pickup truck. His Freightliner was engulfed in flames. According to the patrol, the trailer overturned after the collision and spilled an unknown amount of ethanol onto the highway, though neither the fuel nor trailer caught fire.

Highway 26 was closed for approximately four hours after the wreck at 7:45 p.m.

Taylor was wearing her seatbelt but it is unknown whether Johnson had his buckled, according to the patrol.

The crash remains under investigation, the patrol says.


In Memory of
1982 - 2013

From an early age, Brandy was quite the character. She was spunky and as a baby and even more so as a little girl, Born to Her Mother, Kathleen Marie Taylor, and her Father Larry Gene Taylor, she had a modest but comfortable childhood in a big, warm house. The early years of her life were what could be expected for any happy child, lots of playtime, a trying but loving little brother that demanded as much of her company as he could get, a father and mother trying their best to create a life better than the one they had. Things were good. Things were comfortable.

At the age of 7, a divorce rocked her world, splitting her family as her mother and father were unable to reconcile their differences and made the decision to separate. This was the beginning of trying years for Brandy. The separation created a common situation where a lack of money made things measurably more difficult for her and her family. Her mother, Kathleen, tried desperately to ensure that her children had everything they needed, and as much of what they wanted as was possible. The difficulties that followed the separation were not to end for many years, but Brandy, being naturally resilient and very strong, made the best with what life had given her. She took the tough times in stride, all the while helping her mother care for her little brother. She was a protector, a fighter, and a caregiver without equal. Her tenacity and strength would not wane, would not falter, and would not fail her for many years.

A rough childhood had served her well, fortifying her resilience, bolstering her resolve, and increasing her drive to survive. Through her early teenage years, she became all that a rough and tumble childhood had forged her to be. Tough, forceful, and cognizant of her desires and ability were the best ways to describe her during teenage years, where she would prove to give life all the tough love it had given her years before. She truly made the world her own. At the young age of 16, she was blessed with a gift from above, a gift that would ultimately change things forever. Mitchell Darren Slade Taylor was brought into this world on June 17, 1998. Her firstborn son would be raised by the loving and compassionate hands of her entire family. Brandy and Slade’s father, Chris Ford, would eventually be married and live happily for several years while Slade was young.

Following suit with the early years of life, the happiness was not to last. Brandy and Chris separated not long after Slade was born, but the spice of life was never lost to Brandy as she quickly reached for what made her happy. Her grasp commanded the attention of another profound love, Michael Tamblyn. Michael and Brandy spent many years together in warm and passionate embrace. They seemed to be the perfect couple. Years past, Brandy’s hold on Michael’s heart never faltered and this happy embrace would proliferate. Michael and Brandy’s love yielded several gifts from god. Brandy would give birth to 3 more babies in the years to come. Kayla Jade Tamblyn, born February 23, 2001, Anton Michael Tamblyn, born May 23, 2002, and Syler Starr Tamblyn (named for his uncle Thad), born march 29, 2004 were the next blessing to befall Brandy, Micheal, and the rest of the family. Through their love, the family became full, brimming with life and love that would sustain them for eternity. Kayla, born several months premature, would grow to become a beautiful and fragile young woman, carrying all the fury and strength of her mother. Anton Michael Tamblyn (Ton-Ton or Chunk as his family called him) would be the young prince of the family for several years. Full of humor and life, love, and fearless innocence, he was a boy to the fullest possible meaning of the word. Syler Starr Tamblyn, the baby boy of the family, became the icing on the cake, the perfect accent to an already perfectly sweet and beautiful family.

Life though, can be fickle, and what life blesses us with, it can take away in an instant. The deaths of her two young boys, not far apart, would prove to be the burden that Brandy, as well as the entire family were far from prepared to handle. Syler would be the first major loss Brandy would endure. August 16, 2004, at the tragically young age of 4 months old, Syler was lost to his family while asleep in his crib, a death which would threaten to annihilate a perfectly normal, perfectly happy family. The shattering loss of the Syler sent Brandy into a downward spiral, one that would prove to be nearly impossible to return from, one that would be a dagger in the heart of the life the family had once known. The next few years were lost in a haze of depression. Broken hearts were plied, and the bitter taste of agony would be washed away through.

Not more than a handful of years after the loss of Syler, another unexpected death rocked an already unstable life. September 29, 2006 at the age of 4 years old, Anton Michael Tamblyn was also lost to the family in a horrible accident. The damage caused by yet another loss would become a demon that would haunt the Brandy forever. The next years of her life would be filled with uncertainty, fear, and a grief that consumed her beyond what most people can even imagine. The grief succeeded in tearing the family asunder, and Michael and Brandy, though still very much in love, separated not long after.

The following years were filled with anger and pain, assuaged by anything that would provide whatever slight relief was possible. She found herself away from her family for some time, a much needed reprieve from the ever present pain of her loss. Her time away was not to last though, as she had always been close to her family and found herself back in Wyoming after only two years. The pain had not left, but Brandy was able to muddle through, able to discover a new passion for life and revisit older desires. Her remaining children, Slade and Kayla, were very pleased to have her back, and she was pleased to be back in the embrace of those who love her. The years of grief and pain, as we can all expect, caused her to slip, stumble and fall occasionally, but she never stayed down for long.

Through a rough encounter with the law which threatened to take away everything dear to her, she found her priorities were renewed. Just as Brandy had always done, she stood up again and regained her composure, ready to take on the world and work for her happiness. She was rejuvenated, her lust for life stronger than ever. Her love for her friends and family brought her full circle, back to the embrace of warm and caring relationships, a place she very much belonged. The next years of her life, though they would prove to be her last, were spent in a valiant attempt to create a life for herself and her children. She clung to her family, especially her mother, Kathy, her eldest son, Slade, and her only daughter, Kayla. The unconditional love they shared would keep alive the dreams they shared, would keep them afloat through anything, even the pain of loss which they all knew so well.

Though her death is as untimely as was the deaths of her young boys, her memory and love are eternal, everlasting in the minds and hearts of those who loved her, cared for her, and cherished the light she brought into the world. In memory of Brandy Nikole Taylor, born August 2, 1982, died December 7, 2013, let us all love as fiercely, live as vibrantly, be as fearless in our pursuit of happiness, and be as repentant in our actions as she was.
To a perfectly flawed women, to a guardian, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a best friend… You will always be missed, loved, and the happiness and love you brought into this world, and into our lives, never EVER forgotten.
We love you with every breath we take.

Goodbye Brandy…
Taylor, Brandy Nicole (I12003)
1659 Weesaw Cemetery Freehling, Marie (I11753)
1660 Weesaw Cemetery Martin, Constance K (I12723)
1661 Werdorf churchbook shows Johann Georg Henrich born 31 Jan 1729 to Hans Kaspar Henrich and Anna Christina Zimmerman. It also shows his marriage with Anna Elisabeth Rupp born 12 Mar 1729 to Johann Philip Rupp and Anna Elisabeth Dietz. Rupp, Anna Elisabeth (I1086)
1662 Whitney-Sims Cemetery Widmayer, Lydia E (I6447)
1663 widow listed on 1798 Balzer census Engelmann, Philip (I10731)
1664 wife died bef 1886 Family F282
1665 wife is widow on 1798 census Hergenroeder, Johannes (I2288)
1666 Wife is widow on 1910 census Maser, Johann Georg (I123)
1667 Wife remarried Gramlich in Schilling. Busick, Georg (I3070)
1668 wife remarried perhaps as early as 1910-1911 Johannes, Johannes (I1822)
1669 William F. “Bill” Kukes OBITUARY

William F. “Bill” Kukes was born November 28, 1930, in Fromberg, Montana to Jacob W. and Katharina Kukes. He was the eighth of nine children. He proudly enlisted in the US Marine Corp in 1952 serving at Camp Pendelton, Camp LeJune, and Camp Yokohoma, Japan.

He married Jessie Boylan on October 9, 1954. They had four children: Connie Cosner (Steve), Robert Kukes (Kelly), Jane Kukes-Penney (Ken Penney), and Shirley Ehlang (Mike). Eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren: Katharine Rupp (Justin), Dorian, Josie Lyn, and Sterling; Jason Frank (Krista) Tenley and baby due in July; Dr. Brittney Kukes Moody (Joe) and Emerson; Kolter Kukes; Karson Kukes; Casey Penney; Jessica Ehlang; and Seth Ehlang.

Dad was fortunate enough to live out his one true passion of farming and ranching. His only regret as he got older is that he could no longer drive his prized John Deere tractors and could not ride the horses anymore.

He passed away in the early morning hours of March 12, 2016. The family would like to thank the amazing Dialysis team, doctors, and nurses at the Billings Clinic for the care and compassion given to dad.

In lieu of flowers, the family wishes that memorials be made in Bill’s name to the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department, the Molt Volunteer Fire Department, or a charity of your choosing.
Kukes, William F 'Billie' (I7790)
1670 Wisconsin Vital Records Office. <i>Wisconsin Death Index, 1959-67, 1969-97</i>. Madison, Wisconsin, USA: Wisconsin Department of Health. Source (S362)
1671 Wynonas second husband-divorced Family F3733
1672 Wyoma's first husband-divorced Family F3740
1673 Wyuka Cemetery Becker, Amalia (I12555)
1674 Wyuka Cemetery Bitter, Peter Henry-Harry (I12556)
1675 Wyuka Cemetery Hergenroeder, Andreas (I12676)
1676 Wyuka Cemetery-findagrave.com Maser, Johann Georg (I123)
1677 Wyuka Cemetery-findagrave.com Eirich, Konrad (I2437)
1678 Wyuka Cemetery-findagrave.com Weigandt, Maria Christina (I2602)
1679 Wyuka Cemetery-findagrave.com Kukkus, Johann Heinrich (I5081)
1680 Wyuka Cemetery-findagrave.com Eurich, Johann Heinrich (I5138)
1681 Wyuka Cemetery-findagrave.com Eurich, Johann Heinrich (I5138)
1682 Wyuka Cemetery-findagrave.com Mohr, Katharina (I10108)
1683 Wyuka Cemetery-findagrave.com Eurich, Anna Maria (I10113)
1684 Wyuka Cemetery-findagrave.com Spomer, Maria Elizabeth (I12093)
1685 Wyuka Cemetery-findagrave.com Schaefer, Maria Magdalena (I12094)
1686 Wyuka Cemetery-findagrave.com Plot: Sec-3A Sp-1260 Felsing, Johann Jacob (I1476)

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