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Genealogy of the village of Kukkus, Russia
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California, USA



Latitude: 37.25, Longitude: -118.7334


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Anne  Abt 1909California, USA I12445
2 Baker, Elizabeth  Abt 1911California, USA I12444
3 Becker, William  1910California, USA I9690
4 Beyer, Benjamin  1916California, USA I8539
5 Beyer, Heinrich  1914California, USA I8540
6 Bickner, Peter  Abt 1908California, USA I15861
7 Drummond, Doris Lillian  1911California, USA I15738
8 Engelmann, Everett  11 Apr 1928California, USA I8857
9 Engelmann, Kenneth  8 Nov 1922California, USA I8854
10 Engelmann, Raymond  16 Sep 1926California, USA I8856
11 Hergenroeder, Elsie  Abt 1917California, USA I12178
12 Hergenroeder, Emma  Abt 1912California, USA I12176
13 Hergenroeder, Ernest  Abt 1920California, USA I12179
14 Hergenroeder, George  Abt 1909California, USA I12175
15 Hergenroeder, Henry Jr.  Abt 1902California, USA I12172
16 Hergenroeder, Katie  Abt 1904California, USA I12173
17 Hergenroeder, Marie  Abt 1907California, USA I12174
18 Hergenroeder, Roy  Abt 1916California, USA I12177
19 Johannes, Alexander  1911California, USA I10942
20 Johannes, Elizabeth  1915California, USA I10944
21 Johannes, Henry C  1912California, USA I10943
22 Johnston, Gladys Blanche  Between 15 Dec 1900 and 1901California, USA I15878
23 Krum, Elisabeth  10 Mar 1906California, USA I8033
24 Krum, Philip L  7 Nov 1907California, USA I8042
25 Lung, Helen  1914California, USA I11386
26 Lung, Mike  California, USA I11387
27 Lung, Stacey  California, USA I6441
28 Mrkaich, Melvin James  22 Sep 1922California, USA I12652
29 Reitz, Bertha  26 Nov 1910California, USA I11664
30 Rosenthal, Johannes  25 Nov 1907California, USA I6682
31 Runyon, Maude  23 Sep 1907California, USA I15874
32 Schengel, Harry John  Abt 1920California, USA I6695
33 Schmall, Rose Dorothy  Between 9 and 17 Jul 1911California, USA I15771
34 Schneider, Henry  29 Feb 1904California, USA I15820
35 Silva, Edward R  15 Sep 1913California, USA I4100
36 Sturges, Jack Eugene  20 Jul 1920California, USA I15958
37 Vuchovich, Ann  1920California, USA I11314


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Becker, Amalia  7 May 2003California, USA I15819
2 Borgardt, Gottlieb G.  25 Jan 1998California, USA I15768
3 Busick, Philipp  5 Dec 1911California, USA I4588
4 Freehling, Johannes  1938California, USA I5715
5 Herstine, Lawrence Allen  1966California, USA I15760
6 Krumm, Jakob  Jun 1953California, USA I14756
7 Maser, Anna Elisabeth  California, USA I48
8 Mohl, Katherine  25 Dec 1980California, USA I5769
9 Reitz, Maria Katharina  2 Aug 1960California, USA I508
10 Starck, Catherine Margaret  Between Feb and Apr 1954California, USA I6641
11 Ward, Georgia Lee  28 Mar 1991California, USA I8866
12 Weigandt, Philipp  1 Jul 1969California, USA I2578


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Becker, William  1911California, USA I9690
2 Diel, Daniel  15 Sep 1904California, USA I6471
3 Heinrich, Eldora  26 Mar 1926California, USA I4084
4 Heinrich, Ervin Leroy  16 Jun 1923California, USA I4086
5 Isheim, Mattri?  Jun 1900California, USA I8481
6 Johannes, Amelia  Abt 1926California, USA I7897
7 Johannes, Amelia  Abt 1926California, USA I7897
8 Johannes, Elinor  1919California, USA I6804
9 Johannes, Elinor  1919California, USA I6804
10 Johannes, Elizabeth  1916California, USA I10944
11 Johannes, Henry C  1913California, USA I10943
12 Kramer, Alma  1925California, USA I5868
13 Krum, Arthur John  1936California, USA I5751
14 Krum, Elisabeth  1906California, USA I8033
15 Krum, Henry  1907California, USA I12062
16 Ohlberg, Robert Alexander  1932California, USA I6519
17 Reitz, Bertha  1911California, USA I11664
18 Rosenthal, Harold Philip  Abt 1926California, USA I6676
19 Rosenthal, Harold Philip  Abt 1926California, USA I6676
20 Vuchovich, Ann  1921California, USA I11314
21 Weber, Mary  California, USA I6706
22 Weber, Mary  Abt 1904California, USA I6706
23 Weber, Mary  Abt 1905California, USA I6706
24 Weigandt, Amalie  1905California, USA I2577


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 Hergenroeder, Maria Katharina  California, USA I3909


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Krumm, Heinrich  California, USA I1228

SSN issued

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN issued    Person ID 
1 Baker, Frederick  California, USA I11311
2 Baker, George Henry  California, USA I11308
3 Baker, John  California, USA I2739
4 Becker, Jacob 'Jack'  California, USA I9682
5 Bollman, Kathryn Alice  California, USA I5992
6 Busick, Heinrich  California, USA I4645
7 Deis, August  California, USA I9627
8 Engelman, Katherine  California, USA I9369
9 Felsing, Elisabeth  California, USA I1096
10 Felsing, Maria  California, USA I9626
11 Heinrich, Levine Hart  California, USA I4091
12 Isheim, Johann Jakob  California, USA I3134
13 Isheim, Theodore  California, USA I7636
14 Johannes, Dwight Elliott  California, USA I8162
15 Kramer, Alma  California, USA I5868
16 Krum, Arthur John  California, USA I5751
17 Krumm, Andreas  California, USA I8154
18 Schneider, Henry William  California, USA I5927
19 Weigandt, Philipp  California, USA I2578
20 Youngman, Richard Lee  California, USA I6275


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Annulled    Family ID 
1 Engelman / Weigandt  Bef 7 Jun 1947California, USA F2821