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Genealogy of the village of Kukkus, Russia
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Michigan, USA



Latitude: 44.3148443, Longitude: -85.6023643


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Alexander  1914Michigan, USA I11310
2 Baker, Andrew  1908Michigan, USA I11307
3 Baker, Catherine  1904Michigan, USA I11309
4 Baker, Frederick  11 Oct 1914Michigan, USA I11311
5 Baker, George  1906Michigan, USA I11306
6 Baker, George Henry  11 Mar 1909Michigan, USA I11308
7 Baker, Lydia  Abt 1909Michigan, USA I12475
8 Beardslee, Clinton  1881Michigan, USA I10586
9 Bessinger, Daniel  17 Aug 1910Michigan, USA I5693
10 Bessinger, Edward D  08 Dec 1913Michigan, USA I5694
11 Bessinger, George  16 May 1909Michigan, USA I5692
12 Bessinger, Helen M  1915Michigan, USA I9103
13 Bessinger, Henry August Jr  1918Michigan, USA I9104
14 Bessinger, John Henry  25 Jul 1907Michigan, USA I5691
15 Bessinger, Katherine  23 Oct 1904Michigan, USA I5689
16 Bessinger, Lydia  02 Feb 1906Michigan, USA I5690
17 Bessinger, Olinda  1913Michigan, USA I9102
18 Beyer, Jacob Jr  1906Michigan, USA I8541
19 Braun, Marguerite  Abt 1918Michigan, USA I11442
20 DeKam, Maud  1912Michigan, USA I11317
21 Dittenbar, Maria  Abt 1910Michigan, USA I11479
22 Dittenber, Adeline C  1920Michigan, USA I11219
23 Dittenber, Arthur L  1914Michigan, USA I11216
24 Dittenber, Bernard John  1916Michigan, USA I11217
25 Dittenber, Elisabeth  Abt 1913Michigan, USA I11417
26 Dittenber, Elsie  1921Michigan, USA I11220
27 Dittenber, Frances M  1927Michigan, USA I10803
28 Dittenber, Frieda  1918Michigan, USA I11218
29 Dittenber, Henry  Abt 1908Michigan, USA I11478
30 Dittenber, Herman H  Abt 1917Michigan, USA I11419
31 Dittenber, Olinda  Abt 1915Michigan, USA I11418
32 Dittenber, Rosie  1911Michigan, USA I9133
33 Dittenber, Theodore  1909Michigan, USA I9132
34 Dittenbir, Adam  Abt 1913Michigan, USA I9151
35 Dittenbir, Esther  Abt 1915Michigan, USA I9152
36 Dorn, Fredrick W  Abt 1911Michigan, USA I11460
37 Dorn, George H  Abt 1913Michigan, USA I11461
38 Dorn, Jacob Jr.  Abt 1906Michigan, USA I11458
39 Dorn, Lydia  Abt 1904Michigan, USA I11457
40 Engelmann, Mary  1903Michigan, USA I2405
41 Freehling, Adam  Abt 1908Michigan, USA I11745
42 Freehling, Amelia  Abt 1914Michigan, USA I12482
43 Freehling, Amelia  Abt 1917Michigan, USA I11739
44 Freehling, Andy  Abt 1913Michigan, USA I11747
45 Freehling, George  07 Feb 1912Michigan, USA I5712
46 Freehling, Henry  1905Michigan, USA I12670
47 Freehling, Henry  Abt 1916Michigan, USA I11749
48 Freehling, Herman F  16 Jul 1920Michigan, USA I5714
49 Freehling, Jacob  Abt 1918Michigan, USA I11750
50 Freehling, John  Abt 1910Michigan, USA I11746

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dittenber, Elsie  09 Jan 2011Michigan, USA I11220
2 Dittenber, Heinrich  Dec 1964Michigan, USA I9137
3 Engelmann, Katharina Margaretha  1902Michigan, USA I3879
4 Freehling, Johannes  1975Michigan, USA I11741
5 Heinrich, Rosamond Barbara  18 Nov 2007Michigan, USA I5734
6 Hergenroeder, Amelia  1979Michigan, USA I10381
7 Hergenroeder, Anna Elisabeth  1972Michigan, USA I10380
8 Hergenroeder, Christina  1969Michigan, USA I10378
9 Hergenroeder, Johannes  03 Mar 1939Michigan, USA I3922
10 Hergenroeder, Katharine Mae  1977Michigan, USA I10379
11 Johannes, Heinrich  Mar 1974Michigan, USA I1765
12 Johannes, Johann Philipp  Jul 1985Michigan, USA I1809
13 Kuhn, Anna Elisabeth  26 Jan 1918Michigan, USA I3924
14 Martin, Edward Alexander  06 Mar 2014Michigan, USA I12720
15 Maser, Maria Katharina  Michigan, USA I40
16 Reifschneider, Elisabeth  Michigan, USA I1587
17 Richmond, Ethel  12 Nov 1997Michigan, USA I6984
18 Waehner, Gertrude Trudy  29 Nov 1990Michigan, USA I6609
19 Weigandt, George  Feb 1966Michigan, USA I8197
20 Weigandt, Heinrich  30 May 1942Michigan, USA I2506
21 Weigandt, Heinrich  Apr 1963Michigan, USA I2618


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Heinrich, Esther Margaret  Michigan, USA I6573
2 Sarver, Thelma Arlene  Michigan, USA I11710
3 Wier, Alfons  18 Dec 1978Michigan, USA I6610


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Frederick  1915Michigan, USA I11311
2 Baker, Frederick  1915Michigan, USA I11311
3 Baker, Frederick  1915Michigan, USA I11311
4 Baker, George Henry  1909Michigan, USA I11308
5 Baker, George Henry  1911Michigan, USA I11308
6 Baker, Lydia  Abt 1908Michigan, USA I12475
7 Beardslee, Clinton  1882Michigan, USA I10586
8 Becker, Jakob  1901Michigan, USA I11296
9 Bessinger, Daniel  Abt 1911Michigan, USA I5693
10 Bessinger, George  Abt 1937Michigan, USA I11713
11 Dinges, August  Abt 1908Michigan, USA I13906
12 Dinges, Henry  Abt 1910Michigan, USA I11674
13 Dittenber, Adeline C  1919Michigan, USA I11219
14 Dittenber, Adeline C  1919Michigan, USA I11219
15 Dittenber, Frieda  1917Michigan, USA I11218
16 Dittenber, Frieda  1917Michigan, USA I11218
17 Dittenber, John Jacob  1915Michigan, USA I5706
18 Dittenber, John Jacob  1915Michigan, USA I5706
19 Dittenber, John Jacob  1915Michigan, USA I5706
20 Dittenber, Katharine  1913Michigan, USA I5705
21 Dittenber, Merlin R.  1923Michigan, USA I11221
22 Dittenber, Philip  1913Michigan, USA I9128
23 Dittenber, Philip  1913Michigan, USA I9128
24 Dittenber, Rudolph  1915Michigan, USA I9129
25 Dorn, Jacob Jr.  Abt 1907Michigan, USA I11458
26 Ennes, Alice  1923Michigan, USA I10816
27 Felsing, Anna  1914Michigan, USA I2387
28 Felsing, Ervin Philip  1924Michigan, USA I1090
29 Felsing, Frieda M  1919Michigan, USA I2389
30 Felsing, Frieda M  1920Michigan, USA I2389
31 Felsing, Heinrich  1904Michigan, USA I5743
32 Felsing, Heinrich  Abt 1904Michigan, USA I5743
33 Felsing, Olinda  1917Michigan, USA I2388
34 Freehling, George  Abt 1904Michigan, USA I11743
35 Freehling, George  Abt 1905Michigan, USA I11743
36 Freehling, George  Abt 1913Michigan, USA I5712
37 Freehling, Henry  1906Michigan, USA I12670
38 Freehling, Henry  1906Michigan, USA I12670
39 Freehling, John  Abt 1915Michigan, USA I5713
40 Freehling, Katharine Margaret  Abt 1904Michigan, USA I5709
41 Freehling, Katharine Margaret  1904Michigan, USA I5709
42 Freehling, Mary  Abt 1910Michigan, USA I5711
43 Heinrich, Bernhard  Abt 1919Michigan, USA I4082
44 Heinrich, Bernhard  14 Nov 1919Michigan, USA I4082
45 Heinrich, Esther Margaret  1921Michigan, USA I6573
46 Heinrich, Esther Margaret  1923Michigan, USA I6573
47 Heinrich, John  Abt 1918Michigan, USA I4089
48 Heinrich, Levine Hart  Abt 1915Michigan, USA I4091
49 Heinrich, Marie  Abt 1903Michigan, USA I12142
50 Heinrich, Theodore  Abt 1916Michigan, USA I4095

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Baum, Katharina Margaretha  Michigan, USA I4727
2 Dinges, Katharina Elisabetha  Michigan, USA I2462
3 Freehling, Adam  Michigan, USA I5716
4 Hergenroeder, Anna Maria  Michigan, USA I11740
5 Kammerzell, Henry  Michigan, USA I11520
6 Reitz, Heinrich M  Michigan, USA I416
7 Schonmeier, Henry  Michigan, USA I11583

SSN issued

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN issued    Person ID 
1 Becker, Jakob  Michigan, USA I11296
2 Bradfield, Sharon S  Michigan, USA I10917
3 Debus, Elisabeth Katharina  Michigan, USA I200
4 Dittenber, Adeline C  Michigan, USA I11219
5 Dittenber, Arthur L  Michigan, USA I11216
6 Dittenber, Bernard John  Michigan, USA I11217
7 Dittenber, Heinrich  Michigan, USA I9137
8 Dittenber, Johann Peter  Michigan, USA I2072
9 Dittenber, Johannes  Michigan, USA I12631
10 Dittenber, Merlin R.  Michigan, USA I11221
11 Dittenber, Philip  Michigan, USA I9128
12 Dittenbir, John  Michigan, USA I11470
13 Engelman, Kenneth  Michigan, USA I10916
14 Ennes, Alice  Michigan, USA I10816
15 Felsing, Johannes  Michigan, USA I1089
16 Heinrich, Esther Margaret  Michigan, USA I6573
17 Heinrich, Heinrich  Michigan, USA I923
18 Henning, Magdalen Margaret  Michigan, USA I2715
19 Johannes, Alexander  Michigan, USA I1696
20 Johannes, Peter  Michigan, USA I4067
21 Johannes, Sandra Patricia  Michigan, USA I10796
22 Maser, Bernice M  Michigan, USA I8263
23 Maser, Johann Henry  Michigan, USA I8195
24 Reifschneider, John  Michigan, USA I8526
25 Reitz, Alexander  Michigan, USA I302
26 Reitz, Johannes  Michigan, USA I483
27 Weigandt, Alexander  Michigan, USA I11279


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Umfleet / Waters  10 Aug 1996Michigan, USA F2560


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Kries(Kreis) / Lusk  11 Jul 1949Michigan, USA F3793