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Genealogy of the village of Kukkus, Russia
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Stahl, Samara, Russia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Flehming, Elisabeth  1783Stahl, Samara, Russia I3257
2 Grass, Anna Maria  27 Jul 1868Stahl, Samara, Russia I787
3 Haar, Anna Katherina  1904Stahl, Samara, Russia I6783
4 Haar, Anna Margaretha  1906Stahl, Samara, Russia I6784
5 Haar, Jacob  7 Nov 1910Stahl, Samara, Russia I6787
6 Haar, Johann Peter  14 Aug 1880Stahl, Samara, Russia I6788
7 Krass, Anna Margaretha  11 Sep 1876Stahl, Samara, Russia I3884
8 Kroll, Johann Heinrich  10 Jul 1831Stahl, Samara, Russia I8883
9 Lehman, Anna  28 Mar 1896Stahl, Samara, Russia I6143
10 Lehman, Conrad  24 Jun 1898Stahl, Samara, Russia I6144
11 Lehman, Elizabeth  11 Apr 1907Stahl, Samara, Russia I6147
12 Lehman, Kathrine  21 Aug 1902Stahl, Samara, Russia I6152
13 Lehman, Margaret  Abt 1894Stahl, Samara, Russia I6153
14 Lehman, Margaret  20 Aug 1900Stahl, Samara, Russia I6154
15 Lehman, Marie Christina  21 Sep 1892Stahl, Samara, Russia I6155
16 Lehman, Peter  12 Oct 1904Stahl, Samara, Russia I6157
17 Lehmann, Anna Elisabeth  10 May 1863Stahl, Samara, Russia I3959
18 Lehmann, Johann Adam  7 Nov 1858Stahl, Samara, Russia I6159
19 Lehmann, Maria Katharina  1852Stahl, Samara, Russia I39
20 Metzger, Maria Katharina  24 Jan 1805Stahl, Samara, Russia I8874
21 Miller, Wilhelm  9 May 1864Stahl, Samara, Russia I2399
22 Obendorfer, Anna Elisabeth  28 May 1868Stahl, Samara, Russia I1866
23 Obenerfer, August  1884Stahl, Samara, Russia I5962
24 Rodau, Adam  5 Feb 1888Stahl, Samara, Russia I6202
25 Salwasser, Christian Heinrich  14 Jul 1838Stahl, Samara, Russia I8880
26 Salwasser, Christine Elisabeth  1829Stahl, Samara, Russia I8875
27 Salwasser, Georg Michael  9 Feb 1833Stahl, Samara, Russia I8878
28 Salwasser, Johann Christian  21 Mar 1799Stahl, Samara, Russia I8873
29 Salwasser, Johann Georg  26 Oct 1829Stahl, Samara, Russia I8876
30 Salwasser, Johann Gottfried  17 Dec 1839Stahl, Samara, Russia I8881
31 Salwasser, Johann Peter  12 Mar 1836Stahl, Samara, Russia I8879
32 Salwasser, Katharina Elisabeth  26 Aug 1842Stahl, Samara, Russia I8882
33 Salwasser, Katharina Margaretha  1827Stahl, Samara, Russia I5096
34 Salwasser, Maria Margaretha  1831Stahl, Samara, Russia I8877
35 Scheidt, Katharina Elisabeth  11 Sep 1833Stahl, Samara, Russia I8886
36 Spomer, Johann Georg  2 Aug 1831Stahl, Samara, Russia I3126
37 Spomer, Maria Katarina  1892Stahl, Samara, Russia I7398


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Lehman, Margaret  Stahl, Samara, Russia I6153
2 Metzger, Maria Katharina  31 Jul 1848Stahl, Samara, Russia I8874
3 Salwasser, Christian Heinrich  6 Jan 1839Stahl, Samara, Russia I8880
4 Salwasser, Christine Elisabeth  27 Nov 1913Stahl, Samara, Russia I8875
5 Salwasser, Johann Christian  25 Oct 1874Stahl, Samara, Russia I8873
6 Salwasser, Johann Georg  26 Oct 1892Stahl, Samara, Russia I8876
7 Salwasser, Johann Gottfried  23 Nov 1840Stahl, Samara, Russia I8881
8 Salwasser, Johann Peter  27 Jan 1840Stahl, Samara, Russia I8879
9 Salwasser, Katharina Elisabeth  8 Jan 1846Stahl, Samara, Russia I8882
10 Scheidt, Katharina Elisabeth  27 Mar 1861Stahl, Samara, Russia I8886


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Obenerfer, August  Stahl, Samara, Russia I5962


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Engelmann / Krass  26 Nov 1898Stahl, Samara, Russia F1090
2 Haar / Baum  Abt 1902Stahl, Samara, Russia F1908
3 Jessen / Salwasser  19 Feb 1851Stahl, Samara, Russia F2646
4 Lehmann / Heinrich  23 Sep 1891Stahl, Samara, Russia F1669
5 Salwasser / Kroll  2 Feb 1850Stahl, Samara, Russia F2645
6 Salwasser / Scheidt  24 Jan 1852Stahl, Samara, Russia F2647