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Kukkus Church

Kukkus Church

Photo of Kukkus Church. Circa 1930's or before.

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Kukkus Church Building with Bell Tower in Foreground.
Kukkus Church Building with Bell Tower in Foreground.
The date and photographer of this photo is unknown. I found it on the internet where it was identified as a photo of the Kukkus Church. It is believed to be a photo of the Kukkus church taken in the early 1930's or before. The spired bell tower is the giveaway to the latest possible date. In the early 1930's the Soviet Government initiated a program of removing religious symbols. The Church steeple and bell tower spire are considered to be religious symbols.

As evidence of the providence of this photo I have Bob Heinrich's recollection that many years ago his Uncle Henry Heinrich (living in AuGres, Michigan at the time), who was born in and had a clear memory of Kukkus, had told him that the Kukkus church was of a wood frame and had a free-standing bell tower.

As further evidence, in 2009, Bob forwarded a copy of the photo to his cousin in Germany, who had a former Kukkus resident review the photo. Marie left Kukkus in 1941 when he family was deported to Siberia. She was eleven years old at the time. She stated that the building is as she remembers the Kukkus church to be, but that she had no memory of the bell tower. This is consistent, as she being born in about 1930 would not have been old enough to have memory of the bell spire before it was removed by the Soviet government.

As of the date of Bob's visit to Kukkus in 1993, the church was no longer standing.

My conclusion is that this is an authentic photo of the old Kukkus Church.