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Typical Kukkus Home

Typical Kukkus Home

Believed to be ancestral home of Johann Jacob Isheim. Photo probably from the early 1900's.

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Typical Kukkus Home-Believed to be the home of Johann Jacob Isheim
Typical Kukkus Home-Believed to be the home of Johann Jacob Isheim
Found in the effects of Johann Jacob Isheim after his death in Fresno in 1973 at age 86.
Yes, the house could have been in Kukkus. It is a classic old Volga
River village house that continues to exist today. Give- away features are the hip roof, the small winter ventilation window, chimney in the center of the roof ridge, the bench attached to the house, the back-yard entrance gate detail and the storage building in the back yard.
Note, there is a duck in the street. When we were in Kukkus ducks and
geese walked the streets.

The small ventilation window and bench are on the long side of the
house. The ventilation window is on the lower right side of the left
window. The bench is near the right corner. Home owners and neighbors sit on the benches and talk to each other and people on the street. It continues in the Volga villages. The back yard entrance gate column detail is very typical. The large back yard entrance gate permitted the home owners cows and horses to enter the back yard. In Kukkus and other GR villages the cows were grazed in a community grazing area. Each day the community headsman took the cows to pasture and returned them in the evening. Once in the village the animals walked into their individual home yards. Cow Island was a Kukkus community grazing area located near Kukkus in the Volga high water channel. When the high Spring water receded it was accessible cow pasture. When I was there only the top of a cow island tree was above water because a down stream dam controls the water level.